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CMM PPAP Software Used by Tier I, II and III Automotive Suppliers.
The Deluxe Edition of CMM2XL™ contains the following features:

  • Imports data from PC DMIS text reports into a database.
    • Automatically gathers (when present) Fixture IDs, Trace Information and Check Dates.
    • Automatically calculates Basic component tolerances from True Position data items. 
  • Exports data into .CSV files in PPAP and Capability format that can be opened in MS Excel
  • Allows filtering(exculsion) of data items by key words.
  • Allows filtering(exculsion/inclusion) of data items by data item list.
  • The ability to assign common names, drawing ballon numbers, special charateristics , and gage numbers to data items. 
  • Provides editing pages for all data, tolerances and data lables.
  • Provides editing of print options.
  • Imports ONE additional data from a  report of the User's choice. (after registration and submitting sample to RWS Software).
  • and much more ...

Use  CMM2XL™  CMM PPAP Software For Easy Cost ($$$) Effective PPAP Reporting.  

Review CMM2XL™  Deluxe Edition (Requires Flash Player 7 or higher).
Download CMM2XL™  Deluxe Edition Free for 15 day trial.
Register CMM2XL™ Deluxe Edition CMM PPAP Software from the "Trial Notification" screen of the application.

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